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Shoptet and Dextrum have joined forces to prepare a limited offer for you!
Hire robots! Now, for selected e-shops, 30% cheaper than the regular price.

Leave us your contact details and we’ll get back to you with details of the special offer.

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Your warehouse without warehouse staff – DISCOUNT – 30%

Shoptet recommends:

“If you want the best partner – whether you have a few items or a complete product portfolio – use Dextrum Fulfillment”

Do you keep track of the logistics and storage costs of your e-shop?
Did you know that you can save money and improve the service for your customers? See for yourself!
Modern technologies, innovative processes, automation, and robotics in the warehouse mean you too can now outsource to a reliable partner under long-term advantageous conditions!
If your e-shop has got what it takes to get the most from this offer, and you decide to work with Dextrum Fulfillment, you will receive unique pricing conditions for the Fulfillment services for the entire duration of the contract. No advertising tricks or marketing gimmicks – our services are simply worth it!

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Why Dextrum Fulfillment?

  • Efficiency – picking speeds of up to 300 order items/hour, 24/7 mode option
  • Guarantee of fast dispatch even during the high season –scalability to meet current requirements
  • Low error rates – precision and reliability through robots
  • Unbeatable prices – lower operating costs thanks to robotization, resulting in permanently low market prices
  • Security for your parcels – management through automation and robotics with high insurance coverage
  • Own WMS system – the B2B portal and regular reporting provide accurate data on your goods, stock levels, tracking, and turnover predictions


Contact us and don’t miss out on the discount due to limited warehouse capacity!

Your warehouse without warehouse staff!
Now with a DISCOUNT – 30%


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