Is fulfillment worth it
for you?

Calculate a rough price
for outsourcing logistics. It is well worth it.
Number of orders per month
Shipment picking
Product picking
Receipt of product packaging
Receipt of returns
The price list is only a guide, as prices may vary depending on the number of items in one order, the quantity of goods received and other marketing-type events. Please do not hesitate to write to us for an individual quotation.
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How much do complete fulfillment services cost?
Logistics outsourcing is a reliable method to save both financial and human resources. By sharing these resources and using robotization, we can offer you a lower price than if you were to handle your logistics on your own.
We will prepare a transparent price list for individual logistics activities and create a model calculation based on the information you provide.
How are shortages and inventory differences dealt with?
This is another notable benefit.
No more complex inventories that cost you money, and no more shortages and reduced profits due to lost and incorrectly shipped goods. That is all behind us.
We provide a guarantee for the goods received, and take full material responsibility for them once they are at our warehouse.