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Do you think you’re too small for logistics fulfillment? NONSENSE!

Stop doubting, start growing! The size of your e-shop is NOT an obstacle, but rather the first step to growth and success! So, if you are a smaller e-shop with big dreams, don’t give up! Maybe right now is the right time to accept help to help you achieve your goals!

Clients have said about us

“We don’t have to stress about the warehouse, it’s easy to ship, 100 or 300 orders a day, everything is tracked. Customer comfort and deliverability have increased. On the contrary, out of dozens of complaints, there are actually units per month.”

David Eder

First Class Publishing

“I highly recommend cooperation with Dextrum Fulfillment, their services and the WMS system, which is a guarantee of the quality and efficiency of all processes…”

Raul Stuchlík


“We haven’t had a single complaint, not once has there been a shipping or storage error, and that’s probably more than we could have done on our own. Even I personally cannot send so many orders without errors.”

Jan Kuruc


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