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Apr 1, 2022 | Events and actions

Leading figures in the world of e-commerce from both the Czech Republic and abroad presented the latest trends currently dominating this area at the largest Czech event dedicated to e-commerce, the E15 International E-commerce Summit, which took place on 23 and 24 March 2022 in Martinic Palace at Prague Castle. Dextrum Fulfillment could not be absent from the event, and CEO Ivan Richtár gave a presentation on Fulfillment using automation and robotics for e-commerce logistics.


The summit took place against the background of Martinic Palace at Prague Castle, and was a truly wonderful spectacle that enriched Czech e-commerce with the latest trends from the world of logistics, law, technology, innovation, online business, start-up projects, and finance. The location meant that the event was also an unforgettable cultural experience for all those who attended. It was a great success for the organizers, and we hope that you too will find time to watch the recorded lectures.

Ivan Richtár, 24 March 2022, IEC Summit, Fulfillment using automation and robotics in logistics for e-commerce

In his presentation, Ivan showed visitors how we are able to work more efficiently, reliably, and cheaply using robotic Fulfillment.

He presented the core ideas behind Fulfillment, explained why it makes sense to think about it, and the areas where it can raise the level of a company’s services. He spoke about the stage at which it becomes effective for companies to switch to Fulfillment, what Fulfillment can improve and, conversely, what it cannot.
Robotics in Fulfillment is an upcoming trend in logistics. “Robotic Fulfillment connects robots with cybernetic, computerized systems. Robotization aims to get robots to do the dull, stereotypical, routine work performed by humans. These are mainly positions where the human role provides no added value,” said Ivan, describing the technology. Robotics in logistics solves labor shortages, increases efficiency and productivity, and adds reliability.
He wrapped up by presenting a study to the professional community, according to which 57% of top managers expect a direct increase in investment in robotics, 26% of top managers will invest in robotics, and 10% are already using robotics.
The discussion panel included some of the top players in Czech e-commerce, such as Jitka Dvořáková, CEO of CZC.cz, Martin Kasa, co-founder of Pilulka.cz, Daniel Mareš, CEO of WEDO, and Tomáš Braverman, CEO of Heureka Group, who was asked by the moderator, Marek Bačo, communications strategist at the MediaCom agency: “Tomáš, is there anything you would like to say to your smaller and larger end customers, in the sense of ‘Here is the trend and this is where we are missing the train, or vice versa – this is what you should invest more in to remain an e-commerce power?’”
Tomáš responded: “I think it makes sense, and I think it’s most important to ask this right at the beginning: ‘What is the core business I will focus on, and what is not?’… and to outsource what is not. Because there are already many services that are very much communitized, and they’re very good, and easy to integrate. From Fulfillment to e-shop solutions and so on… Services that everyone used to do themselves 10 or 15 years ago, but today it doesn’t make sense anymore…”

LEADERS PANEL – 24.3.2022

For two whole days the audience could watch inspiring lectures, panel discussions, and interviews with over 50 speakers from the Czech Republic and abroad, while also actively taking part in discussions and networking. Guests were provided with catering and facilities at our stand, which combined artistic beauty in the form of an ornate mirror, with the latest Dextrum warehouse equipment represented by an AGV robot with one of our racks. We used this to give visitors a glimpse of warehouse logistics trends in the current millennium. The Summit wound up with a great afterparty, and we would like to thank E15 and the organizers for their helpfulness and assistance. So far, no other visitor has yet managed to get a 230-kilogram robot into Prague Castle.

You can find the full program on the event’s website, along with a live stream and a platform for asking questions.

Také během cateringu byli roboti velkou posilou gastro personálu.

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