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Aug 29, 2023 | E-commerce (EN)

If you sell cosmetics or health products through an e-shop or online marketplace, you certainly know how growing sales can bring more and more challenges in the storage, packaging and delivery of products. Surely you are looking for a scalable warehouse logistics solution that will allow you to expand successfully. Fortunately, there is an ideal solution: robotic Fulfillment from Dextrum Fulfillment.

The cosmetics and healthcare industry is developing dynamically, especially thanks to the boom in online sales. According to predictions, the global cosmetics and personal care market is expected to reach $784.6 billion by 2027. The trend of online shopping for cosmetics and health products opens up opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to compete with the big players. In the world of e-commerce, the top 20 manufacturers account for only 14% of sales, which allows smaller brands to offer their products directly to consumers and build their loyal customer base.

What our customer says

” In order to be competitive, fast service is essential for us. Our customers receive their package within the next day, which is amazing! The reliability of the service increases the overall customer satisfaction.” — Jeanette Borhy, Project Manager, Rumyia

Rumyia Cosmetics přináší na trh kvalitní a zároveň cenově dostupnou pečující kosmetiku, která je vyráběna zodpovědně a eticky v plně recyklovaných obalech. Tváří a zakladatelkou Rumyia Cosmetics je Monika Bagárová, česká zpěvačka jazzové, soulové a RnB hudby.

Dextrum Fulfillment provides warehouse logistics for RUMYIA skin care cosmetics

Rumyia Cosmetics brings to the market high-quality and at the same time affordable care cosmetics, which are produced responsibly and ethically in fully recycled packaging. The face and founder of Rumyia Cosmetics is Monika Bagárová, a Czech singer of jazz, soul and RnB music.

Challenges in delivery

However, the ever-increasing demand for health and beauty products brings specific logistical challenges. Here are some key factors to consider:

Expiry date: Especially for organic and natural products, it is important to carefully monitor the best before date. The use of methods such as batch tracking and the First Expired – First Out (FEFO) procedure is essential to minimize waste and ensure inventory is current.

Ecological certification: Demand for cosmetic and hygiene products with ecological ingredients is growing. Online retailers must focus on environmentally friendly packaging and shipping of these products to meet customer expectations.

Market trends: Health and beauty products are often driven by trends and demand changes rapidly. Flexible supplier contracts and good inventory planning are key to success in this fast-changing market.
Dextrum Fulfillment offers efficient solutions for the storage and delivery of cosmetics and health products. Our robotic Fulfillment center increases the flexibility of distribution procedures. With simple real-time tracking of inventory, orders and returns on our B2B portal, you are in control of your business.
We integrate with the most popular e-commerce platforms, ensuring your products are available online. We track lot numbers and expiration dates to eliminate the risk of selling expired products.

Easy access to new markets

Do you want to expand your cosmetics brand to new markets? We work with various carriers to ensure fast and trouble-free delivery of shipments at the best prices, even abroad.
Leave the warehouse logistics to us. Speed ​​up delivery and take the worry out of it by using Dextrum Fulfillment and you can focus on the expansion itself.

Fulfillment of your dreams

Send us a request and get an individual offer. Become the sole supplier for your customers thanks to our logistics solutions.

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