5G Campus technology: Revolutionary logistics with robotic Fulfillment

Jun 2, 2023 | E-commerce (EN)

The 26th edition of the EASTLOG conference took place on 25-26 May 2023 and brought together experts from the field of logistics and transport in the Czech Republic to explore the unlimited potential of this industry. Among the notable speakers were representatives of Dextrum Fulfillment and T-Mobile, who gave a joint lecture on the topic of 5G campus technology as a catalyst for innovation in logistics. This article highlights the key points discussed during the lecture and sheds light on how the integration of 5G network and robotics is transforming the existing logistics landscape.

Unlocking the potential of robotic Fulfillment

Marek Bubík, KAM Dextrum Fulfillment, and Jaroslav Mráček, Product Owner of 5G private networks at T-Mobile, presented the advantages and needs of robotic Fulfillment using 5G technology. Among the main points discussed were faster and more efficient picking of orders, elimination of the human factor, reduction of logistics and warehouse operation costs, allocation of human resources to more specialized tasks and scalability of services based on demand.

Industry 4.0 and logistics innovation

Speakers also delved into the concept of Industry 4.0, often referred to as the fourth industrial revolution. This trend aims to gradually eliminate unskilled and inefficient work by incorporating automation and robotization into logistics processes. By using the principles of Industry 4.0, logistics companies can increase efficiency and optimize costs.

Dextrum Fulfillment’s Journey

Dextrum Fulfillment has adopted the principles of Industry 4.0 by implementing robotization in phases where the human factor proves to be inefficient and slow. In the initial phase, the company equipped its dispatch and pallet warehouse with a number of autonomous mobile robots, high-lift picking robots and autonomous pallet trucks. However, the existing internal Wi-Fi network presented problems with connectivity, hindering the density of the warehouse and the movement of robots. The internal 5G network from T-Mobile brought a revolution to the distribution center, as it brought seamless connectivity even for a denser arrangement of warehouses.

Future innovation with robotics

Thanks to the possibilities of the 5G network, Dextrum Fulfillment plans to expand its robotic services in its distribution center. The company’s goal is to eliminate the human factor wherever possible, so it offers the introduction of stationary and mobile robotic arms for autonomous picking during palletizing and depalletizing, the use of image processing for workplace monitoring, augmented reality for assortment identification, and autonomous truck loading and unloading. The integration of 5G network coverage also in outdoor spaces is essential for these steps.

Role of 5G Campus technology

The key to the implementation of these innovative logistics solutions is perfect data communication and quick response. The internal 5G network at Dextrum Fulfillment, provided by T-Mobile, ensures reliable and high-speed data transmission within the warehouse, enabling real-time evaluation and efficient operations.

A joint lecture by T-Mobile and Dextrum Fulfillment at the EASTLOG conference shed light on the transformational impact of 5G campus technology on the logistics industry. Logistics is constantly evolving, and the integration of 5G networks and its automation and robotization will thus play a key role in unlocking the unlimited potential of this field. By adopting the principles of Industry 4.0 and using the advantages of robotic Fulfillment, companies like Dextrum Fulfillment are ready to achieve faster, more efficient operations, lower costs and better scalability, which ultimately brings competitive advantages also to the e-shops for which the outsourcing of these services is intended.

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